Surrey RCMP

  • Location

    Surrey, BC

Surrey’s former City Hall has found a new life as a home to the city’s RCMP detachment. The 1961 facility has received its first major overhaul, providing RCMP staff with open, day-lit work areas, meeting rooms and informal social and collaborative spaces.

Completed in 2017, the relocation was part of a broader expansion program and required new mechanical and electrical systems as well as security updates to meet the RCMP's needs. The new facility leverages the spatial quality of the original building while introducing distinctive practical features to create a functional and cost-effective work place that goes beyond the program requirements.


Design Challenge

One of the project’s key challenges was during its planning phase where multiple stakeholders with distinct operational requirements had to fit the limitations of an existing building. HCMA led a select group of stakeholders through an intensive on-site cycle of design and feedback sessions aimed at condensing the team’s fact-finding and decision-making process into one week.

The sessions identified all major issues of the project, built strong consensus and ownership among stakeholders and resulted in a base design that has remained fundamentally unchanged.