R.E. Mountain Secondary School

  • Location

    Langley, BC

How do you create a space for 1,700 students that fosters community? This is the challenge our team faced when designing the new 14,000 sq ft secondary school for the Langley community.

We recognize that every person learns differently and always approach our education projects from the student's perspective. For students, it isn't just their academic life that takes place at school, it's where they make friends, realize their potential and face the daily drama and turmoil that comes with being a teenager.

Through natural light, ventilation, rational floor plans, improved visibility for staff, and connections to the outdoors, we can provide a safe and comfortable environment that promotes and protects the vibrancy of high school life.



The new secondary school is an important milestone for families and students in Langley. The Willoughby Slope area has the largest portion of undeveloped land in the Lower Mainland and between January and April 2016, 71% of all construction in Langley occurred here. Due to this rapid growth in the community, schools in the area have been under tremendous enrollment pressure.

To protect the quality of education and ensure students are safe and secure in schools, the school district asked us to work to an accelerated schedule. The project has been fast paced, with just nine months from concept design to tender and two years for construction. Construction proceeded on schedule, allowing the school to open September 2019 with full occupancy. The building has completely come to life for the start of the 2019 school year.