Vancouver, BC – HCMA Architecture + Design (HCMA) Managing Principal, Darryl Condon, and Industrial Brand (IB) Co-Founder + Strategy Director, Ben Garfinkel, announced today that Mark Busse, Co-Founder + Managing Director of IB and Producer and Host of CreativeMornings/Vancouver and Interesting Vancouver, has joined HCMA as Director of Creativity and Engagement.

Industrial Brand has been partnering with HCMA for nearly a decade on strategy, branding and marketing initiatives that have been instrumental in HCMA’s evolution as a firm. Supported in part by this collaboration, HCMA is expanding beyond the traditional model of an architecture practice in order to better meet the needs of the future. By joining the leadership team of HCMA, Busse is helping develop an enhanced practice model rooted in multi-disciplinary design, community engagement and collaboration initiatives, including the firm’s TILT curiosity labs and Artist In Residence (A.I.R.) programs.

“We want to break from convention and question what is possible—for the firm, our work and the communities we serve and live in—so we are extremely excited to have Mark join our team,” Condon said. “His unique skills and experience will allow us to explore territories that are unexpected for a full-service architecture firm. As we continue our efforts expanding the boundaries of traditional practice, Mark will bring additional strategic thinking and leadership to our team.“

“I’m glad Mark is using this much-deserved sabbatical from IB to explore this opportunity with our friends at HCMA,” Garfinkel said. “What IB and HCMA have achieved together is a real testament of both creative, open and visionary thinking, and the power of deep understanding of one another’s businesses. We’re excited to continue the collaboration with Mark and Darryl and the HCMA team, as well as continue to provide brand consulting and communication design for other clients in the AEC and related industry and manufacturing sectors.”

“My love and support for Industrial Brand will never cease. Under Ben’s leadership the firm will continue to thrive, and is destined to go even further. However, the opportunity to work even closer with HCMA was too compelling and unique to pass up,” Busse said. “Few architectural firms invest in the creation of a stronger social fabric and building of community beyond structures. I’m excited to see how the conversations we host and connections we create enhance the firm’s collective vision, increase empathy for those we serve, and ultimately reveal co-creation opportunities.”

About HCMA

With a history of 40 years, HCMA Architecture + Design is redefining what a traditional architectural practice is, and the role of the Architect in society by asking, “How do we achieve our maximum positive impact?” HCMA’s team of over 50 staff in Vancouver and Victoria are constantly questioning and exploring what’s possible in their pursuit of solutions that go beyond the expected in order to enhance the lives of those who live, work and play in the environments and spaces they design and build.

About Industrial Brand

Industrial Brand is a strategic branding and communications consultancy with an 18 year track record of specializing in strengthening and growing professional services firms and other companies across North America. Industrial Brand empowers emerging and established companies to respond to technology, marketplace and workforce changes by developing authentic market positions that generate new opportunities and allows them to thrive in any economy.

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