Our goal at HCMA is to be a catalyst for positive change.

We use design and our voice to maximize impact, and go beyond traditional boundaries of architecture to create brands and experiences that connect people.

Key to achieving this is bringing additional creative minds to the table, and so we are delighted to welcome Steve Di Pasquale and Lynn Curtis to the leadership team. Steve has been an integral member of HCMA for almost ten years and becomes an Associate, while Lynn joins as Director for Human Resources.

Since joining in 2010, Steve has worked on some of our most notable projects, including Jasper Place Branch Library and Mill Woods Library in Edmonton, AB; and Grandview Heights Aquatics Centre in Surrey, BC.

Alongside his project work, Steve has also played a significant role in developing a number of other initiatives, including our Artist in Residence program and HCMA Days, and is a strong voice in our push for interdisciplinarity.

Outside of the office, Steve is an artist, curator, musician, and writer, and has been published by the likes of Canadian Architect and Twenty + Change.

As our practice continues to grow, we are also delighted to welcome Lynn as our Director of Human Resources. As a senior practitioner, she will be a strong strategic partner, employee advocate, and mentor for staff at all levels.

Lynn is already underway improving our recruitment and new staff onboarding strategies, and will help ensure we maintain our culture of compassion and curiosity.

Read Steve's and Lynn's Perspectives on life at HCMA.