For nearly 40 years, Granville Island has been a cherished community treasure; a shining example of what is possible when creative energy and innovative thinking converge in a public space.

Millions of people, locals and tourists alike, visit the island each year. They come to see artists at work, to select from the finest food and goods Vancouver has to offer, to catch a show, or, often, simply to sip a coffee and soak in the island’s colour. To ensure the continued success of Granville Island, it’s time to plan ahead. It’s time to reinvigorate the island with new energy, to welcome new ideas, and to reinforce Granville Island’s founding vision.

This is an exciting time for the City and we are proud to announce hcma's involvement as lead planning and land use consultant for Granville Island 2040, a comprehensive planning initiative for Vancouver's most iconic neighbourhood.

Dr. Michael Stevenson, Senior Advisor to the President of CMHC responsible for Granville Island 2040, announced the news earlier this week:

“hcma was selected on the basis of its very strong proposal, reflecting a deep understanding of Granville Island’s history, successes, challenges, and opportunities. The firm has a portfolio of very impressive work on planning and design, with a number of award-winning projects.”

Our team will be lead by Darryl Condon and Melissa Higgs and includes collaboration with a number of other leaders in the fields of architecture, urban planning and public engagement.

To learn more about this dynamic vision for Granville Island, read the announcement in full here and subscribe to the mailing list.