Architects often refer to the narrative aspects of their designs. What do they mean? Can architecture really tell a story, or are architects playing fast and loose with the term “narrative”?

Join us during your lunch break at hcma's Vancouver studio, November 9th at 12.00. We'll be screening a collection of shorter videos on the subject of narrative by Kurt Vonnegut, Dan Harmon, George Saunders and Stefan Sagmeister. This curated selection intends to inspire a seminar-style debate on architecture’s capacity to storytell.

No need to buy a ticket, the event is free and open to all. Simply select attending on our Facebook event. 

What is Centering the Periphery (CtP)?

CtP is an hcma initiative where we open our studio doors to the public for film showings, discussions and more.

  • It is re-thinking.
  • It is re-understanding.
  • It is the re-contextualization of our everyday work.
  • It is looking at different ways of creating, re-imagining the process through which we design.
  • It is a beast roaming the labyrinthine thinking of artists, hot rod designers, weavers, skaters, directors, musicians, and maybe even the occasional wayward architect.

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