In the 1970's, Frank Gehry and his sister Doreen Nelson attempted to teach a whole new method of learning to an elementary school class. They were subsequently fired by the children's teacher.

Gehry's foray into teaching may have been chaotic but his compulsion to make personal connections with the community is something we can all learn from. Join us on April 24th to watch Kid City, a short documentary about Gehry and Nelson's time at the school. We'll be showing the film as part of hcma's Centering the Periphery (CtP) initiative.

So, what is CtP?

CtP is a series of lunch-time film screenings that are free and open to all. It is re-thinking, re-understanding, and the re-contextualization of our everyday work. It is a beast roaming the labyrinthine thinking of artists, hot rod designers, weavers, skaters, directors, musicians, and maybe even the occasional wayward architect.


12 pm, Wednesday, April 24th

400 - 675 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC  V6B 1N2  Canada

Buzz 400 for entry