We felt strongly that the  West Vancouver Aquatic Centre and Community Centre required a sensitive reorganizing of existing facilities. We teased out every opportunity to build on the original systems for efficiencies and cost savings, while keeping our eye on the prize of dramatically improving user experience and site potential.

For example, we converted the 1974-built pool, which used a typical Carlsberg Jackson multi-level surge gutter cast into the pool's perimeter wall, to a contemporary flash gutter system. That conversion substantially raised the pool's water surface, expanding the use of the pool for deep water activities such as ever-popular aquacize classes.

Having done a number of recreation facilities, we've become skilled at identifying key elements that can be efficiently conserved and upgraded to improve usability.

That's one way we create room in the budget for things like breathtaking rooflines and art installations. That and we get creative, for example Sylvia Tait's installation in the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre, commissioned through a public art program, cleverly doubles as solar blinds that protect swimmers from afternoon glare.

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