Back in 2016, we created a page on our website called Open Assets. The idea was to share what we learn, contribute to a more open design industry, and see what interesting things come back to us.

The most popular download (by far) is our Designing for Inclusivity document. It helps people better understand inclusive design strategies for public washrooms and change rooms, and why they're so important.

Fast forward to 2019 and the organizers of a Danish design seminar had come across the document and wanted Darryl to tell hcma’s inclusive design story on stage.

And, that's when we realized we hadn't ever shared it before.

So, we spent some time reflecting on what we’d learned over the past 20 years and tried to put that journey into words. Some of it was deeply personal, while other aspects now just seem like common sense—but weren't so obvious at the time.

When he returned from Copenhagen, Darryl shared this journey with hcma staff. You can watch it below.