Since its completion in March 2016, Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre has earned international recognition by winning an award at the World Architecture Festival and the coveted Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence. We are pleased to share that the facility has also won a citation award at the 2016 Wood Design & Building Awards.

Grandview Heights sets its aquatic facilities beneath the world's longest span timber catenary roof and we're extremely proud that this innovative wood design has been recognized.

We designed the Centre to cleverly balance form and function, providing an aquatic environment fit for a diverse and growing community. It's undulating roof form pushes the limits of wood as a structural element, highlighting its potential as a cost-effective, structurally-efficient, and aesthetically-pleasing building material.

The shape of the roof curves to clear the tall height requirements needed at each end for a 10-metre dive tower and water slide, while reducing the building volume at lower points over the swim areas in the middle. The roof is a sculptural expression inspired by water in motion and offers both practical and economic benefits to our client, the City of Surrey.

The use of wood as tensile cables reduces structural depth by 90 per cent when compared to a traditional steel structure. Its curved form reduces the building volume, which equates to energy cost savings for facility operations as well as reduced building envelope construction and mechanical system costs.

The City of Surrey envisioned an iconic destination facility attracting athletes, international sporting events, and families alike. The facility has received upwards of 2,500 visits a day, exceeding attendance expectations and establishing itself as a destination aquatic facility. The Centre is a truly innovative design that embraces the needs of a rapidly developing community and sets a new standard of using wood in architecture.

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